May 03 2017 0comment

Nuclear Weapon Ban Negotiations Violating NPT Commitments

The United Nations General Assembly began negotiations March 27-31 on a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons. A second session is scheduled for June 15‑July 7, 2017. Following that, the General Assembly will review progress and decide on a path forward. Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) Nearly a half-century ago, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of […]

February 21 2017 0comment

Boeing Patents Laser Nuclear Fusion Jet Engine

This is one of those patents that absolutely in no way signifies that the company who files it is working on the thing that the patent is patenting. Here’s the basic idea: you’ve got a cavity that’s a sort of hemisphere shape, kind of like the business end of a rocket engine. You toss a pellet of […]

February 21 2017 0comment

Nuclear Cybersecurity Woefully Inadequate

The  stuxnet worm’s infiltration of Iran’s nuclear program was the most dramatic cyberattack the nuclear sector has ever seen. But it was not the only one. the Slammer worm infected the David-Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio, leaving reactor core safety data unavailable for nearly five hours. In another hackers stole blueprints of at least two nuclear reactors […]

December 30 2016 0comment

REFRESH — Where There’s Steam, There’s … a Steam Generator

When the NRC talks about “steam generators,” we’re not talking about teakettles. Steam generators provide vital technical and safety functions at many U.S. nuclear power plants. In the United States, steam generators are only found in pressurized-water reactors, one of the two types of U.S. reactors. There can be two to four steam generators for […]

December 30 2016 0comment

Nuclear retirements major threat to emissions targets

Premature retirement of US nuclear power plants could be a major threat to efforts to reduce carbon emissions in both the short and long terms, a new report by the Brattle Group has found. A white paper prepared by Brattle economists finds that the retirement of a 1000 MWe nuclear power plant could increase carbon […]

November 14 2016 0comment

Review Thousands of Companies with

Founded in 2007, is an online review site that gives employees a chance to talk about their companies anonymously. In the past 9 years, millions of former and current employees have written reviews on thousands of businesses. Sure, there are dozens of reputable online review sites. For example, Yelp is one of the most […]

October 18 2016 0comment

How a Cyber Attack on a Nuclear Facility Could Unfold

Nuclear security and safety rely on information technology. Whether that technology is motion detectors around the perimeter of a nuclear power plant or monitoring systems in nuclear reactors, all of these systems play a vital role in keeping nuclear materials safe and secure. Recent events, however, have exposed new threats in the cyber domain that […]

October 18 2016 0comment

Cyber Threats: How Secure is the World’s Nuclear Infrastructure?

Commerce and communications systems. Airlines and health insurers. Phone companies and filmmakers. National governments and even the White House. All have been hacked – part of the series of damaging, high-profile attacks that have made headlines around the world. It is clear today that no one is immune from damaging cyber attacks – but for […]

September 07 2016 0comment

Moving With Pets? Make It Easier By Following The Instructions

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