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We’re beyond the question of “are UFOs real?”

We’re beyond the question of “are UFOs real?” If you’re still asking that question, then you’re living in the past and are ignorant of the facts. There is nothing more I can do to redeem your thinking, other than to land a UFO in your backyard, and even then I’m not sure you’d be convinced. […]

January 30 2018 0comment

Nuclear Power Our Energy Future

Nuclear power is dead. Long live nuclear power. Nuclear power is the only way forward. Nuclear power is a red herring. Nuclear power is too dangerous. Nuclear power is the safest power source around. Nuclear is nothing. Nuclear is everything. It is now generally agreed that the world must rapidly reduce carbon emissions in order […]

August 17 2017 0comment

The Next Big Thing in Nuclear Power: Think Smaller & Safer

There’s a lot to like about the small modular reactor design that NuScale Power submitted yesterday to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Most often people talk about the ability to build such reactors in a factory and ship them by truck or rail, in nearly-finished form, to where they are needed, and to add generating capacity to a […]

August 17 2017 0comment

Why Nuclear Plant Closures Are a Crisis for Small Town USA

Nuclear plants occupy an unusual spot in the towns where they operate: integral but so much in the background that they may seem almost invisible. But when they close, it can be like the earth shifting underfoot. From sea to shining sea, it was dismal. It wasn’t just the plant employees who were hurt. The […]

May 05 2017 0comment

Why Buy A Shutdown Nuclear Plant?

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held a public meeting to consider the latest development in what has become a growing trend in the nuclear power industry – accelerating decommissioning by transferring licenses to third parties after a plant shuts down. The topic of today’s NRC meeting was to provide an overview of Entergy’s plan to […]

May 05 2017 0comment

States Taking the Step to Save Nuclear Energy

One the most important working relationships have is with the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). State legislators from all over the country look to NCSL for policy analysis, leadership opportunities, state benchmarks and, most importantly, facts and information to help them shape policies on the issues that they face. NCSL’s new report, “State […]

May 03 2017 0comment

Nuclear Power—Risking a Comeback

The United States operates 103 nuclear power reactors—that’s a quarter of the world’s total—even if the most famous U.S. nuke isn’t even real. That would be the Springfield plant. A nuclear fuel specialist, University of Florida professor, and immediate past president of the American Nuclear Society. With hefty construction bills paid off at many plants, […]

February 21 2017 0comment

Boeing Patents Laser Nuclear Fusion Jet Engine

This is one of those patents that absolutely in no way signifies that the company who files it is working on the thing that the patent is patenting. Here’s the basic idea: you’ve got a cavity that’s a sort of hemisphere shape, kind of like the business end of a rocket engine. You toss a pellet of […]

February 21 2017 0comment

Nuclear Cybersecurity Woefully Inadequate

The  stuxnet worm’s infiltration of Iran’s nuclear program was the most dramatic cyberattack the nuclear sector has ever seen. But it was not the only one. the Slammer worm infected the David-Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio, leaving reactor core safety data unavailable for nearly five hours. In another hackers stole blueprints of at least two nuclear reactors […]

October 18 2016 0comment

How a Cyber Attack on a Nuclear Facility Could Unfold

Nuclear security and safety rely on information technology. Whether that technology is motion detectors around the perimeter of a nuclear power plant or monitoring systems in nuclear reactors, all of these systems play a vital role in keeping nuclear materials safe and secure. Recent events, however, have exposed new threats in the cyber domain that […]