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There are a number of things to consider when building an indoor shooting range. Indoor shooting

ranges are wide and varied and good planning is critical in saving you money and any anticipated


When considering the building of a shooting range the first thought would be who would using the

range and what caliber that will be used. For example, if the range will be for adolescents who will only

be using pellet, BB or pneumatic guns then simple cardboard boxes filled with newspaper will suffice.

However if the indoor shooting range will be attracting the main population then there are a number of

options to consider.

One of the first questions that a potential owner of a shooting range should answer is what type of

shooting with take place in the shooting range. Shooting ranges can have many uses from recreational

and competitive to tactical and military training. The type of shooting that takes place will determine

the type of range to be developed.

Another issue to consider is the planning and design of range. If the range is new construction then

designs can be incorporated into the building plan including backstops that are suited for any caliber

firearm. However if it is a building already constructed then a backstop which can fit the space will

determine the how the range will be used.

In considering the development of an indoor shooting range, owners must know the regulations that

need to be adhered to in order to proceed with the establishment of the range. Regulations may include

handling and disposal of waste product and materials that may be considered hazardous. Shooting

ranges also have to comply with health and safety standards to reduce any detrimental effects of lead,

noise and any other harmful exposures. The safety equipment should include the installation of

extractor fans, inlet ventilators and filters to reduce the spread of lead dust in the atmosphere.

Additionally once the indoor shooting range is in operation; there must be some planning for scheduled

maintenance. In most cases cleaning of the range will require specialized equipment. Moreover

replacement pumps and filters should be easily available and if not an adequate supply should be safely


The other consideration to reduce noise reduction is the use of suppressors. Suppressors do require

lengthy approval procedures but can aide in the reduction of noise pollution in a shooting range. While

there are no federal laws restricting the purchase of a suppressor some states do carry restrictions. So

before choosing to go this option it may be best to research whether they are permitted in your area.