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Aliens caught on camera

In this blog, we’ve discussed (on multiple occasions) the prevalence of UFO activity at and around nuclear facilities. There are plenty of videos and photographs of UFOs floating around the internet, but how many times have the occupants of UFOs ever been caught on camera? The answer is, not very many. However, with a little digging (online that is) one can discover some very compelling footage. Here are some of the best moments when aliens were caught on camera.

The Redgate Alien

A rancher in Montana set up a trail cam to catch photos of the local wildlife. However, one night he captured a shocking phpto of what appears to be an alien.

UFOs in Montana: Redgate area near Deer Lodge a hotspot for paranormal and  UFO activity

The Russian Dead Alien

What appears to be an alien body, frozen in the snow, was discovered in Russia. The alien was missing a leg and looked to be in the process of decomposition. Here is a CBS story about it.

Viral video of "alien" in Siberia real? Nyet - CBS News

The Martian Bird

A winged creature, apparently in the act of flying, was captured on camera by the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Did NASA photograph a flying bird on Mars? Details inside - News Nation  English

The Grey Alien on Film

A video surfaced in 2015 and posted on a channel called Para Troopers. Apparently, the YouTube channel was shut down by “the government” soon after it was posted.

Alien Peepipng Tom

in 2008, and alilen was filmed peeping into the window of a residence in America. When you watch the video, it is alarming!