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September 19 2021 0comment

Ways to clean up your online reputation

Ways to clean up your online reputation What can you do if you need to clean up your internet presence for a job search? Plenty. We’ve outlined each important step that every job seeker should take. You’ll learn how to uncover search results, remove negative content and develop a positive online presence. But make no […]

June 16 2021 0comment

The UFO report has been sent to Congress!

The official disclosure report about UFO activity has been delivered to Congress! Folks, this is it. Now, it’s just a waiting game until we the people get a glimpse into what the report reveals. Some are pointing to leaks that indicate the government doesn’t overtly attribute the UAP phenomenon as extraterrestrial in origin, but it […]

April 05 2021 0comment

Toxic Wastewater Reservoir Ready to Collapse

Have you seen the news out of Florida this month about a toxic wastewater reservoir facing imminent collapse? The thing that initially caught my attention about this story was when it was first being reported, news organizations were falsely claiming that the water was “radioactive.” This simply is not true. And while the water has […]

January 18 2021 0comment

Why do UFOs hang around nuclear facilities?

Have you noticed that a large number of UFO sightings happen around nuclear facilities? Whether the facility is a nuclear missile site, a nuclear research lab, or a nuclear powerplant, there’s no question that the occupants of UFOs have a keen interest in what’s going on. Why do UFOs hang around these nuclear facilities? Well, […]

September 01 2020 0comment

How to survive a nuclear attack

With 2020 still far from over, what else can possibly go wrong? We already have a pandemic. The economy is faltering. Schools are shut down in many places. Business have shuttered their shops. Riots have destroyed entire business districts. I suppose, the only thing left is an all-out nuclear war. Hopefully, 2020 concludes without such […]

April 20 2020 0comment

Tourists give Chernobyl new life

In 2006, I traveled to Kyiv, Ukraine to conduct a health and human performance study for a major university.  While in Ukraine, I stayed at the home of a friend who is a retired nuclear scientist.   The majority of his career was spent in support of secret nuclear programs sponsored by the U.S.S.R.  One evening, […]