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October 18 2016 0comment

How a Cyber Attack on a Nuclear Facility Could Unfold

Nuclear security and safety rely on information technology. Whether that technology is motion detectors around the perimeter of a nuclear power plant or monitoring systems in nuclear reactors, all of these systems play a vital role in keeping nuclear materials safe and secure. Recent events, however, have exposed new threats in the cyber domain that […]

October 18 2016 0comment

Cyber Threats: How Secure is the World’s Nuclear Infrastructure?

Commerce and communications systems. Airlines and health insurers. Phone companies and filmmakers. National governments and even the White House. All have been hacked – part of the series of damaging, high-profile attacks that have made headlines around the world. It is clear today that no one is immune from damaging cyber attacks – but for […]

September 07 2016 0comment

Moving With Pets? Make It Easier By Following The Instructions

Los angeles movers and miami movers help in moving the household as well as business goods. A professional shifting company offers safe, dependable and economical services for movement of your pets. The specialists for pet moving organize and simplify moving of pets both nationally and internationally. They offer easy moving guide for moving the pets […]

September 07 2016 0comment

Repair or Replace: solving the ultimate appliance dilemma

What do you do when the water in your washing machine doesn’t drain out, when your dryer takes hours to get your clothes dry or when the freezer compartment in your refrigerator no longer keeps your foods at the proper temperature? Of course, we hope that your first thought will be to call us, since […]

August 26 2016 0comment

Nuclear Cyber security

The risk of a major cyber attack on the nuclear industry is rising, potentially leading to blackouts or even meltdowns, researchers say. A cyber attack that takes two or three nuclear power plants offline could definitely cause major blackouts in the Country. “And if you look at a country like France, where 60 to 70 percent […]

August 26 2016 0comment

How to Pinpoint Radioactive Releases

The amount of radioactive material released into the atmosphere was below existing security limits, but the facility has been closed down for recovery since the incident. When an amount of radioactive material is released into the atmosphere, it will spread out in directions defined by meteorological conditions, mainly wind. By collecting data from different sampling stations in an […]

July 13 2016 0comment

Everything you need to know about mini nuclear reactors

Stephen Monk, Lancaster University Nuclear power can be a touchy subject, one that seems to divide opinion. Many people believe it is unclean, controversial and costly – and the 2011 Fukushima disaster showed the world just how unsafe nuclear can be; the meltdown of the power plant was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in […]

July 13 2016 0comment

Nuclear Profile: The Idaho National Laboratory

Spread out across several facilities in the vast desert between Idaho Falls and Arco, Nevada is the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The INL is a site operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and while most of the people who work there are contractors to the DOE, there are federal employees who work at […]

May 24 2016 0comment

There are a number of things to consider when building an indoor shooting range. Indoor shooting ranges are wide and varied and good planning is critical in saving you money and any anticipated problems. When considering the building of a shooting range the first thought would be who would using the range and what caliber […]