March 03 2015 0comment

Demolition Is Going Green

Nuclear Demolition is consistently known for utilizing the latest and greatest in demolition techniques. We do so to provide the best experience for our customers, and to minimize our impact on the environment.

It used to be very common for demolition companies and their customers to be unconcerned with what happened to the waste generated by demolition. These days the tide has changed and people are becoming ever more conscious of the effect demolition debris can have on the earth when it’s not disposed of properly.

Nuclear Demolition wants to lead the way towards environmentally responsible demolition services . We currently recycle an average of 75% of our demolition waste with some jobs reaching 90%. We are always looking for ways to increase the amount of materials that can be recycled, as it’s the most effective way of converting to green demolition services.

Environmentally friendly demolition is the right choice.

We have found that we can generate additional revenue from recycling and reusing materials. This has allowed us to significantly lower the cost of our demolition services, saving our customers money. But regardless of the potential savings, green demolition is still the right thing to do. We understand that we only have one earth, and the responsibility to protect it lies on each and every one of us. As a company, we put heavy emphasis on green demolition and strive to do all that we can to improve our methods to become even more sustainable.

Without recycling materials, we run the risk of over-polluting the environment. But green demolition also means using green cleaners. When we clean up after ourselves, we can’t afford to use any cleaning products that can damage our waterways.

Some cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can pollute and harm nature. that’s why, when we are on the job, we choose to use environmentally safe cleaners from These cleaners are safe and effective, and we use them knowing they will not put the environment at risk. Melaleuca is a reputable, responsible company that cares about Mother Earth.