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How to survive a nuclear attack

With 2020 still far from over, what else can possibly go wrong? We already have a pandemic. The economy is faltering. Schools are shut down in many places. Business have shuttered their shops. Riots have destroyed entire business districts. I suppose, the only thing left is an all-out nuclear war. Hopefully, 2020 concludes without such a disaster, but if for some strange reason (and, believe me, 2020 is strange) a nuclear attack occurs, some people have asked how to survive a nuclear attack.

Tensions are high everywhere. It’s as if the entire world is on pins-and-needles. Geopolitical saber rattling is getting louder and louder. Diplomacy is stalling in multiple hot spots. Russia is threatening to intervene in Belarus. North Korea is presently undergoing a leadership crisis. China is ramping up military exercises in the South Pacific. Russia is doing the same with aircraft near Alaska. The list goes on and on!

Inevitable Nuclear Attacks?

When observed through the lens of history, all of these geopolitical dramas have the potential to easily boil over and rapidly create a scenario for World War III, which will inevitably bring upon nuclear attacks in some way.

Oh, and then there’s the ever-present menace of Iran. Forgot to mention them.

Instead of creating a never-ending list of the political players and possible conflict scenarios, let’s just get straight to the point of answering the question of how to survive a nuclear attack if, heaven forbid, one happens near you.

Luckily (if that’s the appropriate word) the U.S. Government has already created a handy guideline of what to do when a nuclear explosion comes to a block near you. Here is a link to the entire article. In the meantime, let’s touch upon the main points.

3 Main Points

(1) GET INSIDE to avoid radiation. A brick building is ideal. Resist the temptation to go outside and connect with other family members or friends who are safely inside other buildings.

(2) STAY INSIDE for at least 24 hours unless directed otherwise. Personally, I would stay inside for at least 72 hours. Don’t risk it.

(3) STAY TUNED by listening to the local media and staying abreast of updates online. If you have a ham radio, now would be a good time to make sure it works.

If you are outdoors when the attack happens, take cover from the blast behind anything. Look for immediate protection from large trees, walls, etc. If you’re in a car, pull over immediately and duck low into the floor area.

Once the blast’s shock wave has passed, you have just ten minutes to find more permanent shelter to find protection from the nuclear fallout.

When you get inside, remove your contaminated clothes and take a shower with soap to clean yourself of any possible fallout that might be on your body. A good prepper kit should include a nuclear fallout cleaning kit with an old-fashioned bar of soap like Melaleuca soap and some military-grade washcloths

Do NOT eat or drink anything that was outside during the blast. You can, however, safely eat and drink things that were inside during the blast.