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Nuclear recycling and subsea demolition

Nuclear recycling

Over time radioactive contaminated materials and objects from a nuclear environment will be cleared up and removed. To ensure the protection of humans and the environment the processing of this nuclear waste is done under strict safety requirements. This means that radioactive materials and objects are cut as small as possible so they can be stored in the proper packaging. Holmatro’s industrial cutting tools are a perfect solution to reduce the size of radioactive waste material (stainless steel, ferrous/non-ferrous metals, steel cables, rod material, pipes, profiles, cables, wood, etc.). in a safe and effective manner and to sort the waste for further processing.
Subsea demolition

Unseen at the bottom of the ocean, thousands of kilometers of high voltage and network cables connect the different continents to each other. Holmatro’s hydraulic cutters are regularly used to cut these undersea cables for repair or recycling purposes.
Special modifications

Our wide selection of standard hydraulic cutters with a capacity of more than 95 tons can do most of the work. However, modifications are necessary in some cases. For example, on request, a cutter can be equipped with non-conductive hoses and oil or integrated in a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) or in a Hot Cell. The control for a Holmatro cutter can be extended with a telescopic manual control as well as a remote control. The oil in the system can be replaced with water-glycol, which is less harmful to the environment. Finally, special materials and surface treatments are possible for a better protection of the cutter against corrosion and to make it more suitable for e.g. high pH values.