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Patio And Deck Demolition

Deciding when it’s the right time to demolish your own patio or deck is not always the easiest decision. There are many factors to consider. In many cases we get called out to demolish a deck once it’s become rather worn down and old. Some people will choose to have their outdated or weakening decks torn down to make way for a new one to be built. Other times, they go a completely different route and utilize the extra space to expand their year. Whatever your needs we can help you get there by taking out the existing patio.

Hiring the Right Demolition Team

Once you’ve made the decision to demolish your patio or deck, the next step is to get the right team on the job. When looking for a good patio and deck demolition service there are a few points you should take into consideration. First of all, the experience of the team. This is almost always the best indicator of a demolition teams ability. Having a long track record of successful demolition projects behind us, we are confident in our abilities to provide quality demolition services in our future projects as well. Hiring a demolition team with the right equipment is also an important thing to look out for. Some companies will charge extra depending on the tools they need for that particular patio demolition job. At Master Demolition, we own all of our own demolition equipment and use it in our work at no additional cost to you. This allows us to provide the best demolition services at the right price!

Our Patio and Deck Demolition Process

When we come to demolish your patio or deck, the first step is typically to break down the overall structure into smaller more manageable pieces. If there is an overhanging roof covering the patio that’s often taken down first to give our crew more room to operate. We use powerful tools like bobcats in our patio and deck demolition work to tear everything down quickly. Once the patio or deck is completely torn apart we clean up the site, smoothing and in some cases compacting the earth beneath where the patio used to be. Then we take all the old wood and haul it away. As with all of our demolition work we recycle as much of the leftover material as we can. We reuse or recycle up to 90% of the debris created from our demolition projects. Start to finish our expert demolition crew is up to the task to demolish your patio or deck. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!