January 18 2021 0comment

Why do UFOs hang around nuclear facilities?

Have you noticed that a large number of UFO sightings happen around nuclear facilities? Whether the facility is a nuclear missile site, a nuclear research lab, or a nuclear powerplant, there’s no question that the occupants of UFOs have a keen interest in what’s going on. Why do UFOs hang around these nuclear facilities? Well, the prevailing answer among ufologists is that ETs are actually benevolent visitors who want to ensure we Earthlings don’t destroy this beautiful world through thermonuclear war.

The UFO and UAP phenomenon has attracted a much larger audience of believers in recent years. This has been helped, in large part, by some very intriguing documentaries and other Netflix programming related to the UFO phenomenon. Add to that the official government disclosures pertaining to the UFO reports and videos captured by military personnel and you have an entire nation becoming riveted to the reality of ETs visiting our world.

It was soon after World War II that the world’s most famous UFO story unfolded at Roswell. And ever since that moment, the prevalence of UFO sightings has been off the charts! Some see it as no coincidence that the modern UFO phenomenon coincides with humanity’s proliferation of nuclear weaponry.

One of the clearest examples of ETs clearly having grave concern over our involvement with nuclear technology, especially the potential to use it for warfare, happened in the 1960s when ETs forced the temporary shutdown of twenty Malmstrom AFB nuclear missile sites in Montana. This happened when U.S. Air Force guards were on watch and witnessed a UFO outside the fence of one of the missile sites.

So, yes, UFOs are clearly interested (and concerned) with our involvement with nuclear warheads. And they’re probably concerned because they don’t want to see us destroy our world because of it. Are we as concerned? Perhaps we should take a cue from them.